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Reproduced from Brookfield Patch. Originally published July 26, 2013.
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Do You Agree With Citations of ‘Solidarity Singing’ Protesters?

Capitol Police in Madison issued more than 50 tickets in the first two days of a crackdown against protestors inside the state capitol rotunda.

By Matt Schroeder

Protests against Gov. Scott Walker inside the state capitol received a great deal of attention two years ago, soon after he unveiled the state budget plan that significantly altered the role and influence of public unions in Wisconsin.

Attention is turning back to the capitol rotunda, as police have begun citing “Solidarity Singers.” More than 50 tickets were issues on Wednesday and Thursday alone, according to

Authorities are enforcing a judge’s temporary ruling that groups of 20 or more require a permit to protest in the capitol. An original policy required a permit for groups of four or more, but that was challenged in court. A final ruling will not come until next year.

Do you support the issuance of tickets to these protestors? Or is that unnecessarily heavy-handed? Vote in our poll and discuss your opinion in the comments


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