Over the last two-plus years, Matt has shown the ability to recognize when changes are needed in policies, procedures or structure, work with the rest of management to develop better procedures, and then use his management skills to implement those changes and get “buy in” from the rest of his team …

  — Mark Maley, Regional Editor, Patch.com

Matt seeks new and creative ways to report the news using the countless online tools that journalists have available. That was something he passed down to the members of his team while he was at Patch.

— Carl Engelking, Local Editor, Patch.com

He is the ultimate professional who consistently provides first class service in a timely manner. His ability to multi-task is at another level …

— Mark Litton, Corporate Recruiter/UW-Milwaukee men’s goalkeeping coach

Matt is one of the hardest workers I have come across. While we were working together, he consistently went above and beyond what was expected of him to create a polished final product.

— Sam Ward, Backend Developer at Expand the Room LLC

Matt was a collaborative and creative leader who brought new insights to the position. He remains among one of my top five editors in a nearly 20-year freelance writing career.

— Laurie Arendt, Marketing Communications Consultant at Exhibit Systems


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